A Family First Initiative

Families makes up society and it is the root of a functioning society. That is, in a peaceful setting and atmosphere the male, female and their children are all living out their unconditional love and respect for one another through their Godly defined biblical identities. Truly, the identities of each family member is void of possessing a double-mind. James 1:8

Do you know of a family that have a legitimate need?

Our Engaged Success

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As a collaborative engagement with our marketplace Partners and their disclaimer(s), we make every effort to ensure all donated items are in working condition. Please note that some items are transported to us in pre-used condition while other items are open-box and new in its original packaging.


ONN 42" 5.1. 2. Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

A well deserving economic challenged family received this donated gift.


Children Electronic Jeep

We delivered the electronic jeep to children living in low income housing.


Children Electronic Car

We delivered the electronic car to children living in low income housing.


SEGMART 600W Juicer

The Juicer was delivered to a family needing health assistance.


Lasko Remote Control Pedestal Fan

The Lasko Remote Control Pedestal Fan was delivered to well deserving families.


Stamina Exercise Bike

The Stamina Exercise Bike was given to an individual focused on their health endeavors.


Serta Full Size Pillow Top Plush Mattress

New Serta Full Size Pillow Top Plush Mattresses were delivered to a many families.


Flexible Healthcare Transport Wheelchair

New Flexible Healthcare Transport Wheelchairs was delivered to a housing complex for the Elderly.


Adjustable Healthcare Crutches

New Adjustable Healthcare Crutches was delivered to a housing complex for the Elderly.


Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Power Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves was delivered to a housing complex for the Elderly.


Assortment of electronics and devices

Winter Sharefest 2023 Give-Away.


See a need then take action in real time.

Today's economy requires today's genuine action.

Giving is to never to expect to receive anything in return other than to experience an individual's endeavor for the wholesomeness and the joy of hope fulfilled, but not to exclude a belief that their faith has provided new opportunities in the now.

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It is our desire that you are encourage to forge ahead at all cost while we together make dreams come true through our wish list initiative.


Family is an integral part of society ensuring that each member of the family is nurtured, mentored, and embraced in genuine affection. As core, the family dreams and visions becomes a reality.

The Heart

Giving of ones physical effort, time, and financial generosity expecting nothing in return only to experience sustainable hope, a better quality of life, and opportunities that last a life time.

Legitimacy and Vetting

We ensure through the legitimacy of vetting that the right person or family receives what they need at the right time based on our available inventory.

Inventory & Wish List

We receive merchandise from our marketplace Partners several times a month. Our goal is ensure all items donated are released immediately.


Encouraging with compassion is always an essential part of life.

"In everything I showed you (by example) that by working hard in this way you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35.

Why Give? Many lives depend on your generosity.

There are over 7 billion people in the world while a significant number of them are experiencing a life of poverty. By donating a minimal amount of your time and income, you can help reduce suffering here in America and encounter the transformaton. It’s that simple.









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Help us continue our marketplace Partnership donation and donated educational service initiative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Merchandise Condition

Should you receive items that are not in working condition or fails within the first week, you are welcome to receive a replacement donation. Click here to report and send request for replacement. Please return the inoperative merchandise or item for a replacement donation.

Making a Donation

Because of the type of sharing and caring nature of our human efforts to help all in need, a generous financial donation, automobiles, RV, or in-kind donations help us to expand our reach to help more people. Donations given to many comes in forms of educational services to receiving of donated merchandises.   Donate

Communication Channels

We can be reached by e-mail at customercare@unifyassist360.org, online through intouch, or you may chat with us by clicking on the following link.

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Donations Received

Because of the high demand for these donations and those on our wish list, an individual can only receive a (one) donated merchandise per month. The donated items may be receive several times month based on an individual or family current or immediate need.

Your Story

Share you story with us as we share your story with our marketplace Partners. Doors of opportunities are always around the corner because of your integrity to do what is right and to tell others about your legitimate story. Stories shared are vetted to ensure its accuracy and legitimacy.

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Types of Donated Merchandise

We receive through our marketplace Partnerships donations ranging from electronics, exercise equipment, mattresses, clothing to gift certificates and complimentary rideshare giftcards and more.

Donated Services may also include Trauma and Mental Illness live webinars and trainings as well as Mentoring and Coaching sessions during these challenges times in the America and around the world.

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